5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own a Red Dress

5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own a Red Dress

Let us get one thing straight first. We are not trying to tell you that your wardrobe is silently crying for a red dress. We are simply giving you five reasons to get one pronto. You can thank us later.

 1. It’s the simplest route to instant impact

No other dress will silence the crowds like a red one. It will get you noticed right away, putting you on the fashion map instantly, no matter who sees you and where you go. Truth is it does not even require too much styling because the color itself will steal the show. Just pair yours with nude pumps and good hair.

2. It helps a woman win any battle

They say you should consider wearing a red dress when meeting the enemy. We say forget the haters, and focus instead on scoring a date, winning a job, or giving a memorable speech in a red dress. The confidence boost it instantly injects will make you fearless, so take advantage and channel your hot item in key moments.

3. It makes a lasting impression

You don’t want to be just any girl. You want to be the girl in the red dress who walks into a room and demands attention (yes, Gigi and Kendall, we must admit we are a bit obsessed with how you pulled off those little red dresses). Feeling invisible is so last season, but in a crimson number you will never know how that feels.

4. There is no other color like red

True fact. Uncompromising red takes no prisoners and you are never going to go wrong with it. It whispers passion, danger, excitement, sensuality, femininity and adrenaline. It’s the color of strength, courage and ass-kicking power. It’s persuasive, sexy and daring. Women don’t retreat in a red dress; they just conquer.

5. Life is too short to wear boring dresses

…and wearing anonymous clothes seems like such a waste. A red dress will pack way more punch than any black or floral piece, and it will stand out from every possible crowd. We can’t say it will solve all your problems, but we are sure it’s a pretty great start.

As Bill Blass once said, “when in doubt, wear red”. And we couldn’t agree more.